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Saturday 4th of July
2020年7月5日Sam Andreae

Today is the first day that pubs open again since the COVID lockdown began in the UK. I think everyone will take this as a signal that things are returning to “normal” at least for a while. More than when some schools or shops opened.

It’s been windy most days recently which I wouldn’t normally notice, but because I’m now addicted to playing table tennis it’s quite frustrating. There are 4 tables in the park by where we live, the ground where people stand to play has been trodden down so much that large pools of water form there whenever it rains. Mio and me went out the other night to fill them in with soil, we took a shovel and spade out and tried to level the soil. It went really muddy but should be a bit better now. We realized it looked quite suspicious to be digging at night in the park though….

Our cats often come out and watch us play. Because they hang out in the park quite a lot they’re becoming local celebrities, I’ve seen people taking selfies with them!

It’s getting even windier now, the sky’s grey and it’s raining slightly.

One of my neighbors just walked past and chatted to me about some news he was happy about. Another neighbor followed and asked for some advice on building a bed.

I think Isaji-san who wrote the last diary post was in Gothenburg and it was raining then last week, maybe the weather came over here.

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