This summer 2016, we are delighted to announce the establishment of Ongoing Collective.

The formation of Ongoing Collective was first proposed by Nozomu Ogawa, Director of Art Center Ongoing, and it consists of 46 startup members (35 artists, 1 musician, 6 curators and 4 coordinators). Ongoing Collective will actively participate in international / domestic exhibitions, symposiums, residency programs and other events.

Ongoing Collective’s aim is to form a flexible and free thinking, organic organization, connected through interpersonal relationships, not by mechanistic functions or formal regulations. No hierarchy exists. All the group’s decisions will be made via lateral communication.

Ongoing Collective values the concept of sharing. Ideas and skills are to be shared, as well as physical resources. We believe that even when the walls are high, others may help us climb over by sharing what they have in their hands and minds. This establishment is not to be exclusive of others, but to be inclusive and to be open to various possibilities for collaboration and for forming joint projects on a large scale, both from within and in cooperation with others outside of the group. No more small territorial disputes, this is an attempt to share and aspire to forming common goals together.

Ongoing Collective is not an ideology-based organization, but if there were a core group belief, it would be to “go beyond individualism.” Of course, artists usually work individually, and self-direction often can facilitate creative inspiration and process. However, artists themselves do not need to be individualistic. The establishment of this group hopefully will lead artists into trusting each other, forgiving each other and realizing big projects that may never have been thought possible for an individual to accomplish.

Going beyond the limits of individualism and walking further towards the bright future, with our 44 members, we as Ongoing Collective are now taking the first step of an experiment, with art as a compass in our hands.

Ongoing Collective
Founder / Nozomu Ogawa